Take a peek at the Online Arabic from Palestine course

Despite updating this blog more seldom, we keep on labouring in the background. We hope that soon this space will go back to being buzzing with information on the amazing work that IUG’s Arabic Center and the School of Education at the University of Glasgow can do when they join forces. For several years, we’ve been busy finding ways to teach Arabic language with a Palestinian flavour, and to put teachers in the Gaza Strip in touch with Arabic learners everywhere in the world, through the online means that – during these times of pandemic – we’ve now all grown so accustomed to.

The video below was produced by our colleagues in the Gaza Strip. It gives you a peek of what the Online Arabic from Palestine language course for beginners, which we designed and developed collaboratively a couple of years ago, looks like, and a small taster of what you may expect if you were to decide to learn Arabic with teachers based in Gaza. Take a look:

We are very proud of the Online Arabic from Palestine course, which has already attracted many learners from all over the world. If you would like to have more information on how to take this course (or other courses that the Arabic Center offers) check out this link.


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