Miracles happen!!

A while ago we were writing about our friend and colleague Nazmi, and his awful non-trip out of Gaza. Since then he tried several times to leave the Strip, but the double-whammy of erratic visa regulations and of exit permits meant that the right paperwork-time combination that would allow him to travel did not happen. Each time Nazmi invested lots of energy, time and money only to be disappointed and frustrated, over and over again. Months and months have passed, and he had to give up several opportunities to meet his colleagues in person to discuss the many international projects he’s engaged in, to take up invitation to talk about his work at conferences and to do all the other things people in academia take for granted. He had to make do with online meetings, with webinars and telecollaborations. But Nazmi is not a person to give up very easily and, at the 7th attempt, he made it!!

So here he is, finally with us in person, delighting us with his energy and the sheer happiness that comes from being able to move freely, to catch a train or a plane without being questioned or harassed, to meet us and his many other colleagues and collaborators in the UK, Norway, Finland, Germany. We all smile with him, because miracles happen.