Happy Arabic Language Day!

Below is a short post by our newest team member. Welcome Nihaya! 

…but first a video of people practising their Arabic  (with a Skype welcome from the wonderful Gaza team! 😊 )

On December the 18th 1973 Arabic became an official language in the United Nations and so every year, on this date, we celebrate “UN Arabic Language Day”.

Arabic is considered one of the most important languages in the world. It’s the language of the Qur’an. Muslims from different countries read Arabic even if it’s not their first language. Arabic has a variety of different dialects, and it’s spoken in 22 countries. Despite the fact all these countries speak Arabic, it’s sometimes hard for Arab-speakers from one country to understand what Arab-speakers from a different country are saying as dialects can be quite different.

Did you know that some English words were borrowed from Arabic? Words such as alcohol and coffee, which are major words for daily life for a lot of people. Also, words such as lemon, algebra, and cotton are originally Arabic words.  Some might think that Arabic is a difficult language, yet nothing is hard with good teachers and practice.

By enrolling in our online course, you will discover a very rich language (and one easier to learn than you thought!)