Online Arabic from Palestine: the video tutorial!

Now that the Online Arabic from Palestine language course for beginners is lauched, we are sure you’ll want to know what it looks like. Hala and Sahar, from the Gaza team, have prepared a video tutorial to guide prospective learners to show them what the course look like. In this tutorial they guide you through one of the lessons by way of example. Have a look:

We hope you like it and that it helps you understand how the course is structured and what it involves. Remember that, as Sahar says in the video, this is a taught course, and that trained and experienced teachers based at the Arabic Center (Islamic University of Gaza) will guide you through each step and that they will also do many more activities to scaffold your learning and to ensure your progress. As this is a one-to-one course, you can decide the pace of your learning.

More information about the course content is available on other posts we wrote (such as here or here) and from the Arabic Center website. Should there be anything you wish to know about the course, do write using the ‘contact‘ link on this blog or write directly to the Arabic Center.

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