Za’atar Recipe

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In the  video below, you will know more about a very popular Middle Eastern recipe for a popular blend of herbs called Za’atar. In addition, you will hear vocabulary related to common herbs in Levantine cuisine, as well as few words needed for the steps of this recipe.

Za’atar is a combination of Middle Eastern herbs such as oregano, thyme and marjoram. These are mixed with softly crushed and toasted sesame seeds, with a little bit of sumac and salt. It can be served with olive oil and bread or it is used in pastries to make a great breakfast or dinner.

Za’atar mix is very popular in Palestine. In Gaza, for example, the smell of Za’atar pervades most of the streets in the morning. Almost every restaurant and shop provides hot pastries with Za’atar, which are called Manaqish. So, make sure if you ever visit Gaza to smell, taste and enjoy the taste of this magical and delicious dish!


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